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Lee Hyejung by Maeng Minhwa for Dazed n Confused Korea July 2014

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[STAFF ACCOUNT] That night the weather was really nice until about 10 PM. Then it started raining heavily. Jaejoong said this rain came at a “perfect time” because it would made them sexier.

I was moving toward the backstage area when I looked up and saw him on the stage. At that moment, my heart skipped a beat. He was there, singing and playing with the rain. He was shining.

Later when the photographer showed me all the photos of the concert, he gave me this photo, and the first word I could think of was “ART”. I mean, Jaejoong on the stage, to me, is sth called ART.


yea 2 pick up chicks

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Narimiya Hiroki & Ayano Go in Legend Junon 2014.